Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 14!!!!

Today we got up and had some delicious homeade bread for breakfast. Then we had pork sausage and pasta for lunch. Then we went to a zoo like 2 hours away. It was pretty cool. There were mostly wolves. It was pretty cool. Then for dinner we had porkfor dinner. there was also greek mushrooms in a tomato sauce with chunks of tomatoes in it. YUUUUMMM. And there was tomatoes in basil and some sauce, that was SOOO good tooooo!!!!SOOOOO GOOOD!!!! ok, well, goodnight, loveya, Madison! P.S. Im comin home on Sunday night!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I messed up. =[

I forgot to do my blog on wednesday do the one that says day 12 is actually day 13. sorry

Day 12!!!

Hey everyone! Today was AMAZING!!!! we went and saw how handmade pottery is made and then got to buy some if we wanted! and then we went to a SPA!!!!!! The most relaxing place i have ever benn. You sit in one of the like 10 hot pools and hottubs. There were jets and fountans =] and your skin gets soaked and cleansed with minerals and vitamins and salt. and there was an aroma therepy room. It was HUGE. you went in and splashed your face with cold water and sat down. It was foggy and stuff, but it felt sooo good. what it does is opens your pores and cleans them out and makes your skin soft!!!! RELAXATION!!!!!! There was a tanning room with heatlamps and 2 tanning beds. I didnt use those though. The 2nd flooor was the nude floor. I wasnt allowed there, and did not go there. The only thing bad about this place was that they charged 2.20 Euros for a coke, and all the old men wore speedos. not pretty. =[ hahah. Then we went to the school and the dance party. SOOO fun. It was kinda a workout though. Jumpin around and dancin. It was all fun until the bass in the speakers blew. = [ They fixed it in like 25 min. though. =] Last day withh ALL the french kids. sad =[ Byee, Loove ya, Maddie

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day 11

Today we played a game that was sort of like dodgeball, then we went bowling. I won the first game =], but came in last the second game =[ ahahaha Then we went to the European Parliment. It was really pretty.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 9!!!!!

Heyy!!!!!! Today we went to Paris!!! It sooo beautiful!!! The Eiffel tower is sooooo big!!!!! Then we went to the Louvre!!! I saw the REAL Mona lisa by Da vinci!!! It was soooo amazing. I had a wonderful day!!!!! Cole's head got stuck in the net that is there so u wont jump. hahaha. Dorothy spit from the 2nd story HAHAH!! Such a beautiful day!!! Love ya, Maddie

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day 9!!!

So, today we got up around 9. We spent the vast majority of the day in Brugge, Belguin. It was sooo beautiful. Then we came home and hung out for a whille. Then we took the train back to Lille. Now it's 11:20 and i need to go to bed. Goodnight, Love, maddie <3

Day number 8!!!!!!

Ok, Today we went to an art exhibit. It was pretty cool. Then we went shopping for a little bit. Then we played wii and chilled out. Then we went to dinner in Belguim. The choices were spicy chicken, very spicy chicken or regular chicken. You had to eat with your hands also. It was really good. Fun day!!! love ya, Maddie!!